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David Pokluda

About Me 

I am programming computers for over 20 years. I started with Basic and Pascal, and then moved to database systems (one of my first projects in Turbo Pascal was development of a database system similar to the dBase II for 8-bit SHARP computer). In 90-ties I successfully delivered multiple projects utilizing Microsoft FoxPro and Borland C.


In 1996 I move to Visual C++ and all relevant Microsoft libraries (MFC, DAO, etc.). When Microsoft released .NET Framework I moved to C# as my primary programming language.


In 2004 I moved to Denmark to start working for Microsoft in Microsoft Dynamics AX. I have designed and implemented test automation and unit test framework for Dynamics AX platform.


I am currently working in Windows Web Services team working on Windows Update and other components and technologies built on top of Windows Update infrastructure.







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