22. January 2009

After almost two years of being idle I have decided to start blogging again. My old blog is still available at http://blogs.msdn.com/dpokluda but new posts will only appear on this new blog at http:// .

Q: So what did you do over the last two years?
A: I have changed groups. I don’t work in Microsoft Dynamics AX any more. I still enjoy working on business applications. When I heard about a new team called Office for Sales in Office organization that was supposed to be working on a first version of a platform bringing sales data from LOB into Office I was interested.

I am not sure how much I can say at this moment, so I will only link to other sources:

Q: Why the new location for the blog?
A: It’s not as much about the location but the engine. The previous blog was powered by Community Server that was administered by Microsoft so I didn’t have a chance to tweak the system as much. I was also overwhelmed by the amount of spam that I received daily and I didn’t have a way to control that. That’s why I have decided to move to a new blog engine and a new location.

Here are extra information:

Q: What will you blog about?
A: I would like to continue to blog about various things. I love building software, I love business applications, I love agile development and doing test driven development, I love using .NET framework, I love using 3rd party software/tools and I love supporting them. So the blog will mainly be about all these things.

Q: How often do you expect to post new posts?
A: That’s a tricky question. I would like to post one post a week.

This is it for now. I am still tweaking the blog theme. I hope I will be done with that in a week or two and then I will start posting actively. Stay tuned.